Here at St. Isidore Catholic School, we strive to support our children’s future by living out our academic, spiritual and social values through everyday experiences.

Microsoft Showcase Schools design learning activities and learning spaces to develop computational thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration. As a result of parish support and our recent Fund a Causes, we have not only been able to greatly improve our technology; but transform our school culture and spaces into a learning environment that challenges our students and staff to consistently learn and grow using 21st-century skills. We are excited about these new distinctions and look forward to building on our successes.

St. Isidore Catholic School is fully committed to high student achievement by using advanced educational technology to prepare our students for their world in the 21st Century.

Gloria Lorusso

Are you inclined to support our ongoing initiatives? Tax deductible donations are being received to ensure generations of learners continue to thrive at St. Isidore Catholic School. For this and all inquiries, Schedule a Meet with our Director of Advancement, Gloria Lorusso.

Fundacause – 2024

Additional Giving Opportunities

Be the Difference! Common Good Tuition Fund

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We’ve come so far! Despite the obstacles COVID-19 has presented, our students, faculty and staff continue to succeed! This is a direct result of our 1-to-1 learning initiatives developed by the SICS Leadership Team and launched by the swift innovation of our incredible faculty.

The “Be the Difference! Common Good Tuition Fund” will directly offset tuition to help bring relief to our families. No child should be turned away from receiving the gift of a St. Isidore Catholic School education, which is so very special.

Our Mission, “Creating a pathway to higher learning with Jesus at the center,” is our highest and most esteemed priority. Now more than ever, your generous support is being sought after today!

On behalf of our entire staff, faculty and Cyclone families, we humbly thank you for your generosity to Be the Difference! Today, tomorrow, always.